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I love this work.

After years of work experience in advertising agencies I started freelancing as an illustrator and art director. I enjoy working on creative projects on all media. I fall in love for open minded, brave and talented clients. What I often do: illustration, brand identity, communication concepts, print materials, video projects (concept, storyboarding and assets), digital adv.

I am co-artistic director of the performative arts festival Periferico and member of the Amigdala collective.
I also volunteer work at the contemporary arts festival Peraspera since 2010 with the alberTStanley team.

It happened I started working at animated video projects, recently.
I am member of the New York Independent Film Festival jury since 2017.

Gold Award Illustrators Annual 2018, cat. Self Promotion (Autori di Immagini)
Silver Award Illustrators Annual 2016, cat. Publishing (Autori di Immagini)
Official Selection at the 2014 New York Independent Film Festival.




Tumblr Staff





WestHerts College UK | Aug 01 – June 02
Full time course. Final mark: distinction. During the year I have had 2 month work experience at EHS BRANN and 23 red (London).
During the course my friend copywriter Glenn Burchnall and I have created the concept script and storyboard for the commercial for The Sun, “The Fly”, postproduced by PogoFilms (London, UK).
I received the “Best International Student of the Year” by IAA (International Advertising Association – UK).

University of Bologna | Oct 96 – Feb 01
During university I spent one year in Plymouth (UK) to follow business strategy and marketing courses. Final mark: 106/110.

L. Da Vinci High School, Casalecchio di R. (BO) | Aug 91 – May 96
Scientific high school. Final mark: 58/60.

Am I pretty? Observing myself – Illustration course with Jutta Bauer, Pentiment Summer Academy, Hamburg (DE) | 2 weeks course | July 17
Direction and animation of stop-motion videos, Future Film Festival – Bologna | 70hrs course | May 16
Design frontiers
, ATER Bologna | 200hrs course | Oct – Dec 14
Illustration course, PGM BOLOGNA | 400hrs course | Sep 06 – May 07 (partly attended)
Experimental life drawing course with painter Christopher Deakin, Plymouth Art Center | Jan – May 00



Freelance | Jan 14 – now
I work as freelance graphic designer and illustrator for various clients on advertising and editorial projects.
I work at the concept and art direction of the arts festival PerAspera since 2010 – and of the arts festival Periferico since 2013.
I work on the visual communication of the band La Metralli since 2012.

AdmCom | Jan 08 – Jan 14
I worked on creative concepts and their development on different supports and media (from print to digital, video, unconventional media, exhibition equipment, etc).

AdmCom | Aug 04 – Jan 08
I mainly worked on two clients Pershing – a luxury motoryachts brand – and on Goethe Business School (Germany).

Full time web designer and web writer at Congenio | Aug 03 – Jul 04
Full time art director at SDB Advertising | Nov 02 – Jul 03
Stage at LDB Advertising | Feb 01 – Jul 01



Marlene. Storie a pedali (self-publishing), writer Stefano Torresan
Via del Gambero 77” (self-publishing, print on demand; November 2016), with the writer Camilla de Concini, with and for Casa delle Donne contro la violenza Modena
In 2007 the writer Fabio Ognibene and I started to work together at illustrated books and published two children’s books:
La principessa che dice le bugie” (Giraldi Editore, 2009);
L’uomo dei mulini a vento” (Tabula Fati editore, 2012).



Le meditazioni di Clara Wu”, Simonetta Silvestri Raggi (Albatros, 2014);
Che ti sia lieve la terra”, Camilla de Concini;
I mesi e le monete”, Fabio Ognibene (Edizioni Il Molo, 2013);
Quello che rimane”, Fabio Ognibene (Edizioni Akkuaria, 2012);
Ancora Domani”, Fabio Ognibene (Smasher Editore, Barcellona P.G. 2011);
Dopo il silenzio”, Fabio Ognibene (Arduino Sacco Editore, Roma 2009);
Impercettibili condensazioni sentimentali”, Fabio Ognibene (Giraldi Editore, Bologna 2008).



Lanimante” (A Buzz Supreme, 2017), band La Metralli
Numero due – Shubert” (autoproduzione, 2017), Soqquadro Italiano
Numero uno -Live” (autoproduzione, 2016), Soqquadro Italiano
Ellittica” – singolo (A Buzz Supreme, 2017), band La Metralli
“Numero uno -Live” (autoproduzione, 206), Soqquadro Italiano
Qualche grammo di gravità” (A Buzz Supreme, 2013), band La Metralli



Some of my drawings have been at art exhibitions or collectives, amongst which:
Annual Illustratori, 2018 at the Bologna Children’s Bookfair
Di-segni Divergenti (exhibition of drawings from the graphic novel “Via del Gambero77” with the author Camilla de Concini, Fano, Nov 2017)
Cheap Festival (collective exhibition, Bologna, 2017)
ImpactHub Trentino (exhibition of drawings from the graphic novel “Via del Gambero77” with the author Camilla de Concini, Trento – Dec 2016)
Daily Drawings (personal exhibition, In Cucina, Bologna, Sept-Dec 2016)
La felce e la valigia (exhibition of Bianco nascosto with Chiara Neviani, Spazio 1929, Lugano – CH)
Annual Illustratori, 2016 at the Bologna Children’s Bookfair
Bianco nascosto (personal exhibition with Chiara Neviani, ZOO Bologna, Jul 2015)
Annual Illustratori, 2013
Paratissima, 2012
“Perdersi a…”, 2012
Arterìa (personal exhibition, 2010)
“Illustrissimi”, 2009
“Illustrative”, Berlin, 2008
“Emergenza creativa”, 2007
“Segni 2006”
“Il visibile e l’invisibile”, 2006
“KahibakhArte 2006”
“Progetto Nomade”, LinkProject, 2007
Saturarte, 2005
Open Art, 2005



Site-specific partecipative soundwalk
Italian version> here
English version > please ask me for the private link
Idea of Amigdala collective (Sara Garagnani, Meike Clarelli, Gabriele Dalla Barba, Federica Rocchi)
Writings by Gabriele Dalla Barba
Sound and original music composition and execution by Meike Clarelli
Actress Beatrice Schiros (Italian version); Ainoa Doughty (English version)
Curated by Federica Rocchi and Sara Garagnani

Site-specific partecipative installation
Idea of Gabriele Dalla Barba, Sara Garagnani
Writings by Gabriele Dalla Barba
Sound by Meike Clarelli
Visual environment by Sara Garagnani

 “BY MY OWN VOICE” (2014)
Site-specific partecipative installation for one person at a time
Idea of Meike Clarelli, Sara Garagnani
Writings by Gabriele Dalla Barba
Original music by Meike Clarelli
Visual environment by Sara Garagnani
Audio part of the installation:
Final audio with the participation of the audience – mixed:

USA ET ABUSA” (2013)
Installation > VIEW PROJECT
Idea of Sara Garagnani and Ileana Infantino
Visual environment and artwork by Sara Garagnani
Copywriting by Ileana Infantino
Sound by Meike Clarelli
Voices by Le Chemin des Femmes

 “VIOLA” (2012)
Story development into futher media
Drawings exhibition and video installation by Sara Garagnani
Story and writings by Fabio Ognibene
Sound, music and live performance by Meike Clarelli and Vincenzo Scorza
Performance and actors, Rossella Dassu and Stefano Questorio
Organization and coordination by Maria Donnoli
Spazio Si, Bologna, March 21-22, 2012;
Peraspera Off, Galleria Art To Design, Bologna June 2012;
Spazio MenoMale, Bologna, October 5, 2012:
A spin-off of the project has been also presented at Periferico Festival 2012 in Modena.

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