Creative “Spillovers” for Innovation (animated video)

Creative “Spillovers” for Innovation

Short animated video for Creative Spin aimed at spreading the concept of “creative spillover”.
Creative “Spillovers” for Innovation aims to create a Thematic Network across Europe which will address the challenges of how best to connect cultural and creative industries, including sectors such as audiovisual, design, advertising, architecture and video games, with other sectors, to stimulate the effects of “spill over”.
Lead Partner: Birmingham United Kingdom
Project partners: Óbidos Portugal  Bologna Italy  Košice Slovakia  Tallinn Estonia  Essen Germany  Mons Belgium  Rotterdam Netherlands  Kortrijk Belgium



Client: Birmingham City Council
Media: web video
Work: storyboard & illustrations (Sara Garagnani) – editing & motion graphics (Riccardo Mari)


Creative SpIN will set tools and methods to trigger creativity and innovation in businesses and other kinds of public and private organisations by encouraging artists, creative professionals (in advertising, design, architecture), cultural institutions and industries to engage with other sectors to share their competencies and skills.

Significance of the Project

“Creative spillovers” has in most recent  times, come to the forefront of the government’s agenda.  Policy makers and theorists alike are of the opinion that Culture and Creative Industries (CCIs) can assist in the delivery of innovative processes by “…generating spillovers that benefit the wider economies of the places where they are located” (NESTA 2010).
The project will therefore aim to inspire a sustainable and integrated approach to 21st century partnership working, by building capacity and empowering cities to unlock a largely untapped resource, promoting inclusiveness to deliver sustainable growth and regeneration.