futuro antenato – periferico festival 2016

futuro antenato – periferico festival 2016


Festival Periferico, VIII edition   // 27-28-29 maggio 2016   // Villaggio Artigiano, Modena Ovest  //


Periferico 8th edition takes place from 27 to 29 may 2016 between former laboratories and firms of the “Artisan Village” in West Modena.

An area of the city raised in 1953 thanks to a courageous political solution to the social and economical crisis of the postwar period. It was the first model of “Artisan Village” in Italy, that later spread all over the country and founded the Italian business model.

The main themes behind this edition’s dramaturgy were born during a walk, while talking about this area’s present tense. The relationship between art and hand-craft, between memory and change are the key words of this programme which reflects around the extinction of craftsmanship as a deep change both economical and antropological at the same time.

Future Ancestor developed from this fieldwork
as a reflection on the relationship
between fall and creation,
between the extintion and the future of a place
where life still lingers over things,
and confirms his presence again and again.




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