Handmade menus

Handmade menus



La Lanterna di Diogene is a special place where people with disabilities work together with people without disabilities in order to happily live and grow. They all work in the fields, they take care of the herbs, of the wood, of the animals and of the vegetable garden.
Also they work to produce the ancient Balsamic Vinegar following the old rules of the county – and at the vineyard to see the grape ripening and to start the grape harvest in September… a long path to see their own wine!

Together they work at the restaurant (“osteria”) cooking with their organic ingredients.


This is a place where the boundaries
of “what is normal” fall.
This is where some people
have a true willing to learn
what it means to grow together.


These are some of the handmade menus I have worked at for them – some are food menus others are wine lists. They are done with paper and glue, original drawings and pieces of the life of those guys.



handmade menus and wine lists

Every time they get ruined I take them back and carry on the process of repairing, transforming, updating the handmade menus. Still, with hands, paper and glue.



Client: La lanterna di Diogene
Media: Food menus and Wine lists
Work: handmade artwork (design and production)