HOW — dueventi

The idea of the four members of the Dueventi project on this, their debut album, is to allow their differences to coexist.

The album’s title, “How”, is both the question and the means they’ve chosen to put their many approaches to creation in constant dialogue with one another.

Dueventi is a project focused on electronic music that encompasses the abstract sounds of hip hop, IDM, modern jazz and art rock, with a firm grounding in improv. The four poly-instrumentalists who founded the project switch up instruments, often crossing the lines between digital and analogue, acoustic and electric. The live show is the heart of their compositional research.
The project was created to form an intense experience, a true cathartic event that flows like an acoustic/electric set of pure improv alternating with written pieces that are minimalist musically but emotionally intense. In their live shows they are often joined by musicians from various backgrounds as well as visual artists.