NUMERO DUE — Schubert

is a form of creation.



“NUMERO DUE-Schubert”
the brand new CD of Soqquadro Italiano
with the extraordinary voice of Vincenzo Capezzuto






Client: Soqquadro Italiano – ensemble
Media: CD packaging
Work: art direction and artwork




01. Abendstern, D.806 – 02:30
02. Time in the pocket – 03:24
03. Bass clarinet improvisation – 02:06
04. Atys, D.585 – 06:56
05. Dance to dance – 05:53
06. Lied eines Schiffers an die Dioskuren, D.360 – 03:01
07. Coronach, D.836 – 06:56
08. Black Danube – 03:34
09. Der Schiffer, D.536 – 03:17
10. Anywhere but there – 06:24
11. Nachtgesang, D.119 – 02:01
12. Nachtgesang remix – 02:19 13. Wer nie sein Brot mit Tränen aß, D.480 – 05:24

Bonus Track 14. Lied eines Schiffers an die Dioskuren, D.360 – 02:57 performed on an original Viennese fortepiano Joseph Bhöm n.964 – 1828 ca.



Vincenzo Capezzuto, voice
Claudio Borgianni, direction and music reworking

Luciano Orologi, bass clarinet, soprano sax, midi keyboard and percussions
Cosmo Nocenzi, piano and toy-piano
Fabio Fiandrini, live electronics
Giovanna Losco, fortepiano

Franco Radicchia, choir conductor Caterina Becchetti, Elisabetta Becchetti, Paola Incani, Alessandra Ligori, Francesca Maraziti, Francesca Piottoli, Sauretta Ragni, Andreina Zatti

Corrado Cristina, Recording and mixing
Carla Christiany, German coach
Sara Garagnani, Art direction and artwork

Our heartfelt thanks to Passadori Pianoforti and in particular to Angela Passadori for her professionalism and generosity, to Giovanna Losco for playing her Fortepiano and for throwing her heart over the fence with us, thanks to all the friends who are sharing with us this exciting music journey, in particular: Margherita and Jason Wright, Cristina Spelti, Stefano Matteucci, Adela Sanchez and Luigi Pretolani, Marialaura Deponte and Erika Vigenti.



Soqquadro Italiano is a music ensemble founded in 2011 in Bologna (Italy) by Claudio Borgianni and Vincenzo Capezzuto. The idea behind this project was born from their common interest in Italian artistic, musical and theatrical productions spanning the 16th and 17th centuries.

Regarded as one of the most unique and innovative groups on the current european music scene of the genre Classical Crossover, Soqquadro Italiano is open to all artistic languages (singing, music, dance and visual art)

With a musical repertoire ranging from ancient music to jazz, pop music and elettronic music, Soqquadro is always willing to embrace new creative inspiration, a constant search between past and present to rediscover the uniqueness and the sense of organized disorder that characterizes the word ITALIANO.

Since 2011, Soqquadro Italiano was invited to perform in Belgium, France, Italy, Holland, Spain, Ecuador, for major international events such as: Gent Festival, Operadagen Rotterdam, Ravenna Festival, Festival Barocco di Viterbo, Nomus Festival of Novi Sad, International Festival Bashmet of Yaroslavl, Sochi international Festival in Russia , International Music Festival Teatro Nacional de Sucre Quito (Ecuador) , Ludwisburgers Schlossfestspiele, Händel Festival Halle (Germany)…



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