periferico festival 2018




Fabrizio De André (picture from Sound-Of-Nature)

Periferico is a well-known and recognized italian art festival that moves from the idea to bring a site-specific art project in suburb areas of the city of Modena, with a particular interest for those neighbourhood that are in the process of urban and social changes. It is created by Amigdala, a collective I work with.

For the 10th edition in 2018 we decided to go for a concept — “insolent” — and to work it from below, emphasizing the tension between such a strong and a bit unusual word and a group, a community of tiny little birds. Sensitive, delicate and ready to react at the same time.

I got inspiration from a line of a song by the great songwriter Fabrizio De André “pettirosso da combattimento” (which might be translated into “combat robin”). The song is this one.
And the festival was great.





Client: Amigdala
Media: key visual, leaflet, billboard, poster, pins, stickers, postcards, digital assets for website & social networks, video
Work: illustration, art direction, artwork